What To Do If You Are Wrongly Arrested

Being arrested is scary at any time, but it’s even worse when you’ve done nothing. While it’s almost impossible to stay completely calm during situations like this, you must try to remain collected. If you’ve done nothing wrong, then you haven’t got anything to fear.

wrongly arrested

Having a criminal record will impact your life in many ways. More importantly, though, you don’t deserve to be punished if you didn’t commit the crime. While it’s not a very common scenario, knowing how to act under these circumstances will help drastically.

Here’s what to do if you are ever faced with this dilemma.

Don’t Say Anything
If you’ve been arrested, you’ll have to face questioning at the station. It’s important that you don’t get manipulated into saying anything that could be incriminating. Even if you aren’t in the wrong, this evidence could be used against you.

You should remain polite, and it’s fine to answer simple questions such as your name. Cooperating with the formalities isn’t an issue. However, if there are any questions that you don’t wish to answer, then there’s no reason to feel bad about answering ‘no comment’.

After all, this is a major inconvenience to your life. If you’ve not done anything wrong, then you shouldn’t be made to feel like a criminal.

Pay Bail
Most charges will come with bail terms. Pay them. Grabbing back your freedom will give you time to take the necessary steps to fight this injustice.

If you’ve got the money yourself, then that’s great. However, not having the funds personally shouldn’t prevent you from gaining your freedom. There are companies that will stump up the cash to set you free.
Once back out into the world, it’s time to start fighting the battle.

Get A Lawyer
Finding the right lawyer is a cornerstone of any successful court case. It’s arguably even more important when facing a false accusation, especially if it’s one that could result in a criminal record or jail.

The right attorney will find the best way to represent your case and prove your innocence. Be sure to cooperate with them fully by telling them everything. Leave no stone unturned and justice should prevail.

You are essentially placing your fate in the hands of your representative. It’s one of the most important decisions in your life. Don’t get it wrong.

Prepare For Court Hearing
While the lawyer is the person that will present your case, you can still make a big impact on the outcome. At some point, you might want to think about compensation for the damage caused. But right now, the main priority is to prove your innocence.

You can also research how to dress and act in court while also gaining tips from your attorney. It may be suggested that admitting guilt could get a less severe punishment. That’s just conceding defeat.

You owe it to yourself to seek justice. If you’ve done nothing wrong, pleading not guilty is a must. As long as you’re honest, though, the truth should shine through.

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