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What Do You Do If You Have Been Injured In The Workplace?

The last thing anyone wants is to be a part of an accident. I mean, what could be worse than risking your health in an accident? Risking your health in an accident in the workplace. The workplace is a dangerous environment in a lot of respects, and employers have an obligation to make it as safe as possible. Sometimes, that doesn’t happen and we get injured. What makes it an impossible position is the fact that it is us versus them. For the injured, our relationship with our employer will never be the same again. So, what do you do if you get injured at work?

injured in the workplace

Make a decision
Life after the final result may not be conducive. Unfortunately, the process will add a certain amount of tension to the atmosphere. For a lot of people, that is unacceptable, but it is the way it goes ninety percent of the time. Employers cannot fire you, but they can make life difficult. You have to go into work every single day afterwards, so make sure you can deal with the consequences.

Consider compensation
Compensation is your right if you have been unlawfully injured and it wasn’t your fault. I know that sounds like an infomercial off the TV, but it is the truth. Remember that just because you file for compensation, that doesn’t make you a bad person. A lot of people struggle with the decision because they think about how everyone else will view them afterwards. Unfortunately, filing for compo has a negative stigma attached. Still, you know in your heart why you are filing, and if it is for a legitimate reason there is no reason you shouldn’t.

Hire a lawyer
When you enter into legal negotiations, it is a rudimentary part of the process to hire a lawyer. Most people don’t have any legal expertise and law is incredibly complicated and confusing. For those reasons, you need an expert who can guide you through the process and help you come out the other side. More pertinently, you need an injury lawyer. Injury lawyers are experts in this particular field of law, which means they know more than any other lawyer. There is a variety of different fields so make sure you pick the lawyer that correlates.

Join a union
Unions are there for a reason, namely to keep you safe from ‘cowboy’ employers who will try and take advantage. Still, it is remarkable how many people are not part of a union, and, therefore, don’t have the backing of a recognised and important regulatory body. Basically, that is a fancy way of saying that trade unions have a lot of power and they are willing to help, as long as you sign up. It is not extreme or cynical to think that employers may try and retaliate, even if your injury was their fault.

Hold your head up
It is not your fault that you were injured in the workplace, so you shouldn’t have to walk around like it was. Keep your head held high and do not talk to anyone about the legal proceedings. That is the best way to deal with the situation in a dignified manner.

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