Labour law

What allowed to do during working hours?

Cigarette breaks, use of company computer as an individual, personal parcel delivery at the office, listening to music while working … far privacy at – does a place in the workplace?

working hour

You spend much of your day in your workplace. Sometimes you probably use a little of your time to activities other than those provided by your contract of employment. By signing the contract, the employee offers his time and abilities to the employer in exchange for a fee.

However, it remains no less human and personal life can not be completely set aside when through the doors of the company.

Most of the rules are listed in the Labor Code, the rules in the employment contract, in internal memos or simply constitute rules or use common sense.

Do not abuse the freedoms granted to you. Extend your breaks frequently; divert material from the company, do not follow the guidelines of your head can lead to malpractice, and therefore a dismissal or conviction in court (fines or imprisonment).