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Understand social security disability benefits

Impairment is the inability of people to work due to loss of income. A person applying for social security disability should also be based on an opinion of doctors that he/she is currently disabled with evidence to prove the duration of the disability.

social security disability

There are two types of Social Security disability benefits. These are: Social Security disability insurance benefits (DIB) for disabled workers who have been working for about 5 to 10 years and paid FICA taxes that allowed them to earn credits to be eligible for benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), these are extended to the blind, disabled or elderly. We must prove that a person fits these descriptions and the person is in need to qualify. There are strict requirements to be met and there are some limitations to be proven before approving an application. If a person has too much money or too active they do not benefit.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the application of social security disability. Here are some things that an applicant should understand about Social Security disability to set realistic expectations: A disability status people are determined by the gravity of his disability. A medical report should prove that you have been disabled for at least one year or that you will be disabled for more than a year.

Short-term disability does not grant eligibility for Social Security disability. If your disability has lasted or will last less than a year and workers’ compensation and medical insurance is the best option. The amount you receive from the Social Security disability does not matter how you do in your current job.

Application for Social Security may take time. There is no specific time of how long to approve a request so we must be patient as well. Once you have decided to apply for social security disability benefits, you can do several things to make your attorney a winning case.

To ask to documents starting from your doctor recording your lawyer time to convince the doctor to give them a copy. Download the documents yourself because physicians are required to give you a copy of your files.

Be honest with your lawyer – do not hide anything from your lawyer. If there are problems with your application that you are aware of, tell the lawyer immediately so that he/she can work around it. In addition, if there are changes in your life situation, you should inform your lawyer as well. These include change of residence or change doctors.

Details – every detail counts. Present all the information about your injury and how it relates to your disability. Sometimes the most humiliating details information is needed to win a case, so you do not hide anything. Using this information or it could be used against you. When social security disability claims, you are not required to seek the assistance of a lawyer, although this will increase your chances of approval.