Texting while driving – the hazards and consequences

There can not be many of us who do not have today a mobile phone. It is often difficult to imagine life before the mobile phones of yesteryear when we had to use a fixed landline or even get into a phone booth to make a call. Mobile phones have many uses and appeal to different groups of people for different reasons. Mobile phones can make calls, send text messages, play games, so check our bank accounts, take photos and check our e-mails. It seems, these days, we would be lost without them!

Using mobile phone while driving

However, many people do not go anywhere without their phone and even while driving, people have their phones away, perhaps in the pocket of their jacket or on the passenger seat next to them. It can be equally tempting, hearing that familiar “beep” to pick up the phone while behind the wheel and reading – and even meet – the message you have been sent. Most people would admit that they are negligent behavior and more people continue to text while driving and therefore the consequences of the practice can be catastrophic.

Once you pick up your phone while driving, to read or reply to a text message, your attention is immediately taken off the road in front of you and you’re distracted. It will reduce your concentration and your ability to drive your car safely be compromised. It will reduce your reaction time and your ability to align decisions is also affected. As soon you give any less that 100% concentration, to how you drive your vehicle, the way to go and the position and maneuvers of other road users, you run the risk of causing a serious accident.

Using mobile phone while driving is an offense and if you are, you shouldn’t expect to get off lightly. The minimum sentence, you can receive is 3 points on your license and a fine, however, you may also face a prison sentence.

Statistics tell us that too many people are still being injured – and even killed – on UK roads due to accidents caused by the use of mobile phones while driving. There is only one solution: turn off your phone before you get in your car and let those “all important” text messages until you’re out of your vehicle safely.