Rights and obligations of the self-employed

The self-employed have a number of rights that can be enforced, and obligations, to be carried out. Today we are going to deal with both.

rights of self-employed

Rights of self-employed
A self-employed person has the individual rights the free choice of profession or trade, freedom of economic initiative and free competition and intellectual property rights over their works. Another right is retirement, this provision has to perceive the same conditions as workers in the general scheme, and the only exception is that the self can not retire, in any case, before the age of 65.

As for collective rights with those who are self-employed may have the right to join the union or association that considers appropriate or found them himself as well as exercise to defend their professional interests as a group.

When implementing their professional activity, the self-employed have the right not to be discriminated against for any question, to respect their privacy and dignity, training and rehabilitation professionals, to the reconciliation of his professional life with the person and/or family, including his right to suspend his activity by maternity, paternity, lactation, adoption, etc. An autonomous also has the right to feel safe in their working place and receive economic compensation agreed by the exercise of their work.

Duties of self-employed
And now for the obligatory question, the fundamental duties of autonomous self-employed that everything must meet in the exercise of their professional activity. You must comply with relevant health and safety standards in force, to enroll, communicate the highs and the lows in the social security and quote in it. It is obliged to comply with the obligations of the contracts as well as tax and fiscal regulations.

In any case, be your own boss is great, you can set your own schedule and choose where to work, but not all advantages are. But one thing is clear; it is hard to be autonomous but often compensated.