HSH Lawyers Is On Your Side

I have a co-worker who has a disabled son. He is 5 years old and still not able to speak the way a 5 year old should. They have told her that some children develop a bit slower and later in life. She feels that the hospital did something wrong during the delivery of the baby. His kindergarten teacher says he doesn’t interact with the other kids and does not eat his food. My friend is beside herself, she doesn’t know what she should do.

used hsh lawyers

She has medical bills that she has to pay for her son. He had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks as well as the follow-up visits. With her husband out of work and her salary not being enough she is running out of options. The hospital is not taking any responsibility for her son.

I suggested to her perhaps she should contact a lawyer and see what they say. After all, she has nothing to lose. I remember one of my cousins a few years back had issues getting benefits for her accident, she used HSH Lawyers. My cousin received her benefits and a nice settlement, thanks to the lawyers at HSH.

So my co-worker took my advice and did her research online for disability lawyer and called a few of them but saved HSH Lawyers for last. She wanted to get as much information as possible from as many lawyers to make her mind up.

Such as fees, payments, how and what type of cases they handle. After making a list of several lawyers she came to the conclusion that was obvious to me and that was giving HSH Lawyers a call. She liked the fact they do not represent insurance companies. Instead they want to help people such as herself, who are fighting the insurance companies.

HSH Lawyers have been consistently rated in the top ten for lawyers in Canada for the past 4 years. When you have the not cost consultation with them, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have. They will take their time to make sure all your concerns and questions were answered.

With HSH Lawyers there are no upfront fees, no flat fee or surprises. In fact you do not pay them anything until they recover money. They are well known for fighting hard for their clients. Insurance companies seem to pay closer attention to a victims needs once they know that HSH is on board.

Isn’t that who you want on your side? It is hard enough dealing with bills, medical visits and taking care of someone, why worry about the other stuff?

My co-worker seems a little happier these days as HSH is making headway with the hospital and the insurance company. For my money, HSH Lawyers is the only way to go.