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Ouch! Don’t Believe These Painful Personal Injury Claim Myths

Thankfully, most of us will never have to deal with personal injury lawsuits. But perhaps this is why so many of us have misconceptions about personal injuries from a legal perspective! We’re going to go through some personal injury law myths and demolish them.

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The insurance company will take care of you
Many people put a lot of weight in what the insurance companies say. This is often due to misplaced faith in the insurance system. If your insurance company refuses to pay out for an injury, then you may assume that that’s just tough luck. If the other party’s insurance company doesn’t compensate you, then you may assume that it wasn’t the other party’s fault. But you shouldn’t let what the insurance companies decide be the be-all-end-all of personal injury cases. You should always consult with a lawyer. Read more at

Only physical injuries count
People often underestimate the damage that an accident can do to someone’s mental wellbeing. This leads those with mental symptoms following an accident to assume that there’s no point pursuing legal action. But times are indeed changing in this area. Psychological problems that can be connected directly to an accident are taken a lot more seriously these days. Don’t let yourself underestimate how serious these issues can be. Read more about PTSD at

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Large amounts are never deserved
Sure, we’ve all heard of people being awarded ludicrous sums being awarded for seemingly trivial problems. Then again, who’s to say what’s trivial and what isn’t? If it affects someone’s life in a negative way, then it definitely deserves a good payout. Unfortunately, cases like the $750,000 Liebeck vs McDonald’s case comes to mind and gives big lawsuits a bad reputation. (Yes, she got third degree burns. But she spilled the coffee on herself, and the coffee temperature conformed to industry standards!) However, most of the time, large payouts are reserved for life-changing and horrific injuries.

You can take your time with your decision to sue
All states have a time limit that prevents you from taking too long when it comes to suing someone for injury damages. It’s important that you understand these laws. It’s best for you to consult with a lawyer as soon as you can following the accident. But what about in the case of late-appearing injuries? This is a good question. Something you can do is start the proceedings, but not settle immediately. In any case, get the proceedings started as soon as possible.

An appearance in court is necessary
Just because you’re dealing with a lawsuit, it doesn’t mean you actually have to go to court. In fact, many parties would prefer not to go to court. This is what results in settlements. This is because going to court sends the legal fees even higher than they already are. Of course, if the settlement offer isn’t satisfactory, then you may have to take it all the way to court.