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Moving: Who do you need to inform?

Moving house can be one of the busiest times of our time and our lives. And dealing with the practical aspects of repackaging an entire household belongings and moving into our new property, that do not forget to inform everyone who needs to know that you have a new address and are no longer living at your old property. This article covers the main groups’ people who need to be informed when you move house.

moving house

Passport and driving license: You must inform the Passport Office and DVLA of your new address so that their records can be updated and additions may be administered if necessary.

Utilities: You should inform your water office, electricity and gas companies, telephone company and your Internet provider of your new address. If you fail to do so then you find yourself without some devices/equipment when you move into your new home. It is also important to inform public services of the last day that you will be residing at your current property so that you are not responsible for the bills that were incurred after you have left the property.

Health: You should inform your doctor of your new address so that the details they hold the record for you and your family can be updated. Depending on how far you move, you will need to register with a new GP. If you attend any regular hospital appointments or consultant, you should also make sure they are aware that you have a new address.

Work and school: You must inform your employer that you have changed your address so that your payroll records and other documents relating to your employment, if sent by mail is redirected correctly. You must also ensure that the details the closest that your employer has in its files for you remain updated and accurate. If you have school age children, you must also inform the school office of your address and the date the change begins.

Tip: You should inform your local council of your new address and make sure you register on the electoral roll is correct.

DWP: If you are receiving all the benefits, you must inform the DWP of your new address as soon as possible to reduce the risk of confidential documents, sensitive being sent to your old address announcement being opened by the new owners.

Poster redirection: The Royal Mail offer a paid service through which you can arrange for all mail addressed to your previous home to be automatically redirected to your new address. As it can often take a while for some databases update and can often take more than a phone call or email to certain establishments to get modified contact, mail redirection is a very useful way to ensure that your mail reaches you and does not fall into the wrong hands.

It is recommended to allocate a specific morning or afternoon to sit down and make a list of all people who need to be informed of your change of address and work your way through the list at once. You can check the list you will ensure that you do not forget to inform important authorities or organizations: it may be useful to have your monthly invoice in front of you as you do this to ensure that your task is carried out globally.