Labour law

Legal advice on employment tribunals

Labor court is where most employment cases that can not be resolved through other methods, such as mediation, are settled. In an employment tribunal is a panel of three children; one will be a fully qualified employment judge, who will independently evaluate the dispute, based on the law, the evidence and arguments of each party.

employment tribunal system

Using a Labor Court may seem to be a bit more formal than other more traditional litigation, it should be noted that every decision made by the Employment Tribunal are considered serious and legally binding decisions. Because the very real implications of a court case, employers should consider the disputes of this nature as a very serious issue and it almost always require legal assistance from a lawyer in employment law.

The employment tribunal system covers a variety of different areas under the Employment Act. If you find that you become involved in disputes that involve using the court, it is very important that you understand that any complaint must relate to a specific law that you believe has been challenged. Here are some examples to introduce a valid claim:

  • A violation of contract with your employer
  • A dispute over compensation
  • Claiming discrimination of employees, this could be due to a variety of topics such as: discrimination of age, disability, race, religion or sex
  • An incident of unfair dismissal of an employee
  • A redundancy dispute.

It is often in your best interest to use to try to resolve the problem internally with your employer to avoid complicated and extensive legal procedures that are commonly associated with the use of an employment tribunal. A dispute between employer and employee because of a simple misunderstanding and can be easily resolved before to go to court.

However, some cases which have been brought before the courts in employment in the past have tended to be free of the service provider. It is not the ever for the Court to order the applicant to pay any extra costs if they have been deemed of acted or behaved unreasonably during the tribunal.

If you have been subjected to any form of unequal treatment by your employer, it is vital that you consider all the factors that relate to the employment tribunal, as you will need to understand the related litigation. Although it is not essential to obtain expert legal advice of an employment law attorney for your employment tribunal, you should consider the possibility that they could help benefit your case.