Family law

How to stop paying child support?

You are divorced or separated and you pay alimony for the maintenance of your children. Over the years, your children grow and you wonder until when you must pour your pension. Here are some essential rules.

stop paying child support

Alimony? What is it? Alimony is an amount of money paid to the person in charge of the custody of children to help them meet their talks but also for education as the costs incurred for their tuition or sports activities.

The amount of support varies depending on the income of each, depending on the number of children and by the type of care required. Indeed, in a joint custody, alimony is lower or nonexistent.

In the majority of the cases, the family court fixes this amount. The person who does not support the child or children must submit to it under penalty of sanctions.

The Civil Code does not age for automatic termination payment. Generally, the parent who is not responsible to pay this pension until the child shall attend only to their needs. Accordingly, the majority of the children are not a brake with this pension. It is necessary that your children work. The studies do not allow this suspension of payment.

If you can prove what you say, it will then talk with your children then enter the family court to request a modification of the judgment. Address your request by postal mail to the family court judge of your children residence place.

Remember that only the family court, after examining the exhibits, you can grant this right. Pending the report of the hearing, you must pay alimony to your children.