Criminal law

How to post a bond

Many people accused of a crime are entitled to recover his bail, but few know how to submit this payment. In the United States there are numerous companies that are dedicated to post bonds on behalf of persons charged with a crime, but in most cases people who come to seek the services of one of these offices comes without knowing how this process actually works and how to pay a bond.

post bonds

According to the law, those charged with a federal crime has no right to bail, except extraordinary circumstances. But there are a number of procedures to be followed to perform the procedure without mishap.

Follow these tips for post bond

  • Determine the amount of the bond and how much they charge a bail bond agency. First you should call the county court. After a series of questions about the defendant may tell you the amount of the bond, if it is that it applies to the case. If you request the services of a bail bond agency, they typically charge 10 percent of the total required to pay bail.
  • Go to the court hearing accompanied by an attorney, provided this possible. This hearing is held regularly 48 hours after the defendant is arrested. Although in the end it is the judge who has the right to deny bail if it considers that the defendant is a danger to society or suspect that the accused would escape not to stand trial.
  • Know the conditions of bail. When you are granted bail to a person, is accused certain rules, such as staying away from legal problems and meet some restrictions remoteness of places or people.
  • Know the type of bond that has been granted. In general the following ways to bail granted: check or cash, through a property with the same value of the bond, a bond (payment guaranteed by the total deposit) or a forgiveness of payment on the condition that the detainee is presented in court when required.
  • Find out where to post bail. Depending on the type of offense, sometimes you can make the payment immediately in the police station or court, but it is easier to let your lawyer or bail agent fix this situation. They are experienced in these procedures.
  • Be patient. In the majority of occasions, regain the freedom after paying the bail can be a few hours, because of all the paperwork that must be. For the relatives of the accused fear for the safety of the prisoner or consider in danger while awaiting their departure, they can ask your lawyer to try to expedite the process.