Civil law

How to obtain a simple note of a building or property

The Land Registry is a record of an official nature, which are recorded the rights of property ownership and all other rights relating them to apply a simple note in this record, it is important to obtain all the necessary information on such property, to verify the real situation.

simple note of a building

Although not all properties are registered in the Land Registry, it is important to check the property through the land, either physically or through its virtual office. The land registry informs you of real estate through its cadastral reference, where is limited tax the estate with its amplitude and distribution.

The goal is to collect the information from the owner registered in the land registry and know the existence of possible burdens on the property. It is necessary to indicate the exact location of the property, the specific location in the city and the name of the holder, to facilitate the search of the property and request simple note. There will also indicate the reason for such consultation.

You should know that the application of simple note, can process it online, but you will must contribute the biggest number of possible information, since only with the name and last names of the holder, will be impossible; to ensure that he is the owner, it is important to indicate the province and municipality as well, and the address, although this also has problems, since the address may have changed.

In addition to ensure that the address is incorrect or has changed name, which you can verify it in the police or local council, you must provide the full name and if possible the DNI or CIF, for being a unique character data.