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How to know if a company is solvent?

Combined with the dynamism of trade competition may require signing a contract without the time to assess the financial capacity of its new partners. Indeed, trade is based on the notion of trust and timeliness of transactions.

solvent company

However, these principles have many disadvantages as regards the assessment of the creditworthiness of the counterparty. This article will help you to assess the financial capacity of a commercial structure to protect your back.

To quickly assess the financial capacity of a commercial structure just makes an inventory of his property. However, this requires the cooperation of the company. Indeed, we should not hesitate to ask the leaders to present the state of the real estate of their company as a good faith.

Regarding the capital of the company you will be easy to become acquainted through company documents. Indeed, each company has as an obligation to indicate its authorized capital, registration, registered office and commercial structure on each of its documents intended for the public or its trading partners.

Finally, it is advisable to consult the company’s balance sheet in order to have a true picture of the financial health of his future partner. In any case, the information mentioned above will be amply sufficient to place you on the creditworthiness of the corporation and your chances of a refund in case of failure of the one.