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How to Find Out If You Have a Medical Negligence Case?

Medical negligence involves medical inattention from the responsible hospital care such as doctors, attending doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This can involve doctors from any stream such as surgeons, dentists, gynaecologists, orthopaedics that make a medical error while treating you.

medical negligence case

Medical negligence cases can include failure to correctly diagnose a medical condition which causes the patient unnecessary suffering. Errors that occur due to surgical procedures such as excessive scarring or errors due to childbirth which causes injuries to mother or child are also considered cases of medical malpractice.

Do you have a medical negligence case?
A common case of medical negligence occurs when there are certain medication errors such as a wrong dosage or over-medication that can cause the patient very serious side-effects and other possible complications.

A medical negligence solicitor is the best person to help you fight a case to claim compensation for the damages caused to you as a patient. He can help the person/patient understand whether they have a legitimate claim in the first place and then start the legal procedures; because sometimes it’s not as easy as filing a case just because someone gets hurt.

It involves a lot more than that, as you have to abide by certain rules and conditions, gather certain medical records, statements from concerned people and also conduct a medical assessment if necessary.

The Top Things That Tell You’ve a Medical Negligence Case
So how does one find out whether they have a medical negligence case in the first place? It’s not easy to sue your doctor for big bucks and get away with it, and in most cases winning cases such as these takes time, effort and is tough to win.

Find out if the doctor is really negligent
You first need to determine whether your health care provider is really “liable” for your injuries, and whether the negligence itself caused your injury. In an injury, it doesn’t always mean that your doctor is responsible. You will need to determine the health standards of care, whether that standard was followed and maintained and whether a mistake on the standards led to the injury.

Proper documentation
Even if you do end up discovering that your doctor is liable, you still don’t really have a medical negligence case in place. Your documentation should state that the negligence caused your injury and also worsened your condition thereafter. There are several cancer cases on the rise today, so you may want to consider the facts before suing your health care provider for the same. This is because the doctor may just be able to state that since the illness was terminal it would have led to death of the patient in any case.

Compensation for the medical negligence cases varies on the person’s health and situation. This includes compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and payment for the procedure that had been performed. Sometimes, the person or the establishment that you take to court need to be able to have the resources to pay the damages, and only then the case is considered to be worthwhile.

Aston Knight Solicitors can help you in your medical negligence claim. With years of practice behind them, they know just how to present the best possible case on your behalf, so that you can get the compensation that you deserve.