Family law

How to divorce quickly

To regulate a divorce is not an easy thing. Some people do not have the same patience. Generally, one wishes to divorce as soon as possible. Note however that a quick divorce is more than fast in a few month periods from one to six months. Divorce by consent is the fastest.

divorce quickly

To this end, both parties must agree and bring to a lawyer already ready for use agreement. It is the divorce by mutual consent. Some people prefer one lawyer to limit spending, but the best is to take two lawyers for each other’s interests are taken into account.

In case of liquidation of community property, divorce takes a lot more time. Expenditures increased by the presence of the notary fees. It would therefore be preferable to a marriage contract under separation. This will prevent you from using the services of a notary.

The marriage contract is not valid if the home was purchased together. If the property was purchased during the marriage, it is a common good. So there are only two solutions: Either one spouse agrees that the other guard well, or it must sell the property and share price. Otherwise, it will have to maintain the property in joint tenancy.