Family law

How to evaluate a compensatory allowance?

Marriage involves a duty of assistance and support between spouses. Thus, it is easier to couple to face the difficulties of life. However, this solidarity disappears when the first signs of a looming divorce in home life. Therefore, it is important to take things in hand, hence the importance to assess a compensatory allowance.

compensatory allowance

First, it is important to know that the husband can evaluate together through consensus and submit them to family court. On the other hand, in case of disagreement you evaluate it only from below criteria.

On the one hand, it will take into account the budget of your holiday and your regular activities. For example, tennis courts, a subscription to massages and fitness sessions in the form. In addition, the amount of different medical treatments and extra medical follow-ups.

Moreover, it will demonstrate a significant degradation of your living conditions in case of a marriage breakdown given your current resources and needs. To this end, it will expose the family court your entire spouse’s income to provide irrefutable evidence of his ability to pay you a compensatory allowance.