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Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault? Some Advice

Being charged with sexual assault can irreparably damage your reputation. What’s worse, the claimant might not have a solid case. As a result of the allegation, your work and family life can be ruined.

sexual assault

So what should you do? It goes without saying that your first port of call should be a trained legal professional who can evaluate your particular case. You’ll want to find someone who has experience in the sexual assault arena. And you’ll want somebody who has successfully defended people in a similar situation to you before.

But while the best advice will come from your lawyer, there are still some things that you can do yourself.

Understand Your Rights

In the US, we have the right to remain silent when pressed by police officers. The only information that you have to disclose is your name, address, and birthday.

We also have the right to know whether or not we are under arrest. Police officers have to inform you if you are under arrest. If you aren’t, you’re free to leave anytime you like.

The best advice is to remain silent when questioned by police. If there is any explaining that needs to be done, leave that until later. Remember, you have the legal right to be represented by a lawyer.

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Find A Specialist

Different attorneys have different specialisms. Some specialize in defending private clients.

The point here is that experience is key. For instance, there has been controversy recently over the number of military cases brought to court. Some legal experts suspect that these cases are politically driven. And this knowledge will contribute greatly to defending a person from the military in court.

Collect Witnesses

Building your defense in court relies on gathering high-quality witnesses. Experts suggest that you gather 3 to 5 witnesses who can act to best present your case.

You’ll need to collect their names and addresses and the reason you think they can help your case. Your lawyer can then evaluate whether they will be an effective addition to your case in a court of law.

Prepare For Financial Expenses

Charges of rape, sexual assault, and battery are serious charges. According to www.ussc.gov, the mandatory minimum sentence is 235 months for sexual abuse offenders.

That’s why it’s worth spending more to secure a good defense than risking it on a cheaper deal. In the long run, a more expensive lawyer will probably pay off.

Document Everything

Sometimes it’s not clear whether a piece of information is necessary for your defense. You might not know immediately whether it is relevant to your case. But once you are accused you should keep a record of all events related to the case, no matter how insignificant they might appear.

But why? It’s highly likely that a trained legal professional will be able to use the information you collect to your benefit in court. Don’t take a chance. Record everything and leave it to your attorney to judge its importance.