Don’t be Risky after Whiskey – 10 Facts about DUI Accidents in America

We think we know everything about the risks of driving and the risks of consuming certain substances, but sometimes we are a little more careless than we would like to admit. If you enjoy having a few drinks every weekend, you are not alone.

risky after whiskey

In fact, it is perfectly normal to want to kick back and relax, whether you are at a restaurant, a bar or a club. But if you find yourself drinking more than one or two drinks, you most definitely should not be driving anywhere. Driving Under the Influence in Atlanta is a serious crime that is punishable with heavy fines or jail time. With that in mind, here is a look at some facts about DUI accidents in the United States.

Only Time Helps
Too many people in the US believe a cup of coffee or a glass of water means you are all sobered up. It is a misconception. You may “feel” better, but your BAC is not going to change. The only thing you can do to avoid a DUI is to wait for an hour or two before driving.

80 Times Before an Arrest
Statistics show most offenders will drive home after drinking at least 80 times before they are first pulled over and arrested on a DUI charge.

51 Minutes
Every 51 minutes, someone in the United States is killed in a crash involving a drunk driver. That is 27 people every single day.

Under 21
If you are not over the legal age to drink in the US, you are punishable in a severe way if you have any alcohol in your system when you are pulled over. Even a BAC of 0.02 could land you in jail if you are under 21.

Two Minutes
An injury occurs related to a drunk driving accident every two minutes in the United States.

In 2011, almost 10,000 people died because of drunk drivers.

50 to 75 Percent
Roughly 50 to 75 percent of people who lose their license have it revoked because of a DUI charge and conviction.

Teens and Accidents
The leading cause of teenage death is traffic accidents, with 1/3 of the incidents involving alcohol.

Child Fatalities
Statistics from 2010 show that around 20 percent of child fatalities (under 14) occurred because of a drunk driver.

Kids Who Drink
Children and teens who drink are around seven times more likely to get in a drunk accident in their lifetime.

These horrifying statistics show the severe problem of DUIs in the United States. If you enjoy drinking, you are not alone. But if you enjoy drinking and driving, you may want to change your habits, unless you want to become another statistic. If you have already been arrested, you may need to speak to an attorney who has experience with these matters, because a lawyer is the only person who can help you out in those circumstances, especially if it is not your first DUI arrest.