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Choose a lawyer

Choose a lawyer should not be done lightly. It is important to choose the appropriate person who will accompany you during the entire procedure concerning your privacy or your professional life.

choose lawyer

Choose a lawyer: criteria to determine
Your choice is completely free. However, better bring closer you to a competent person.

All the lawyers are not generalists. Sometimes, they have a specific skill area. They are specialized in the labor law, family, company law…

Making contact with your lawyer
You must create a good relationship with your lawyer and sufficiently feel reassured by entrusting your file to him and therefore a part of your life.

The contract between the lawyer and the client is concluded consideration of the person. The relationship between the contracting parties is singular.

The first appointment is crucial and it is better that it is a physical meeting than a telephone contact.

Relationship based on clarity
The relationship between lawyer and client to be sustainable, it must be based on clarity. The most important point concerns the clarity of fees. You must require at the time of the first appointment that the lawyer provides you a convention with honorary which will stipulate his working conditions and the perception of fee.

The fixing of fees is free. The amount is determined by mutual agreement between lawyer and client. They are assessed according to several points:

  • The reputation of the lawyer;
  • Experience in the field of competence;
  • The nature and difficulty of the case;
  • The result obtained and the services rendered;
  • The cost of operation of the cabinet;
  • The speed of intervention;
  • The economic situation of the client…

There are generally four methods for the calculation of fees:
Fees based on the time spent: it retains appointment times, the drafting of acts, research documents, surveys, travel etc;

Fee for a fixed sum: Honorary fixed and final accurate carriages;

Result fees: The remuneration of the lawyer includes then a fixed sum and a supplementary benefit;

Subscription: monthly inclusive remuneration in compensation for regular benefits.

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