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Changes to Personal Injury Compensation Claims – What You Need To Know

Personal injury compensation companies and solicitors have been working according to the successful ‘100 per cent compensation’ policy for a number of years now, creating a thriving industry that has delivered compensation to many of those injured in accidents that were not their own fault.

personal injury compensation claims

However, this all changed with the introduction of new legislation in April 2013. So, what changes have been made, how will they affect claimants and what can we expect for the future of the personal injury compensation industry?

The main alteration to personal injury compensation law and procedure changed the way legal fees are handled in these claims. In the past, a claimant received 100 per cent of their compensation in the case of a successful claim. Their legal fees were claimed from the opposing side and paid to their solicitors without affecting the amount of compensation they received.

The changing face of compensation claims
This is no longer the case, as the government has decided to allow solicitors to claim up to 25 per cent of the compensation granted to their clients in payment for legal services. This means that legal fees are no longer the responsibility of the losing party, but of the successful claimant. This move has also coincided with the abolition of legal aid fees, a move that makes it more difficult for less wealthy members of society to make a claim.

While these changes were initiated in April 2013, if you had launched a personal injury claim before this point, the alterations to the law shouldn’t affect your case. For those now considering making a claim under the new legal conditions, it is important to consider exactly who to make your claim with. Personal injury lawyers may still offer to fight your case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, but it is important that this is exactly what is meant and that there are no hidden fees or costs. Make sure you receive confirmation of this before launching a case.

The changes to personal injury claim law will affect different people in different ways, depending on personal circumstance and context. This means that it is vitally important that you speak to industry experts if you’re thinking of making a claim. They’ll be able to give you tailored advice and point you in the right direction.