Cyber law

5 legal advice for your online store

If you’re starting an online store (or think to do so) there are some legal issues that you should take into account. It is very important and undertake with all of the law, so today we will see some tips so you can do it successfully:

legal advice for online store

Register mark
The mark is the name of your enterprise and which are going to market your products and services on the market. With registration, not only you can prevent third parties from using it, but it’ll be all the time legally protecting the work and money invested in your venture.

Use own content or asked permission
The ideal is to have self-produced content to promote your products or services, but if not possible, be sure to have the authorization to publish and to share foreign content in Internet. The authorization must be express and must consider every possible use.

If you need to use images, you can choose any free photo bank.

Take care of your customers
The consumer rights also apply on the Internet. Check that the following are clearly set out in your online store:

  • Terms of sale.
  • Deadlines.
  • Payment.
  • Shipping modes.

Furthermore, it is important to have a return policy and changes.

Contact with clear rules
If you have a website, put at the disposal of your current and potential customers, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property Policy and cookies.

These documents establish the rules of your online business. Not the passes by high are very important for the image of your enterprise.

Do e-mail marketing with criteria
By the Law on Protection of Personal Data, you must have the express consent of each person to whom we send you an email promoting our products or services.

Take advantage of the fairs, showrooms and networking events to create a database to consciousness. In addition to being in compliance with the law, you’ll also serve to meet your audience and make more effective business decisions.