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3 steps to help a family member be legalized

Find out which family members may be eligible and how to begin the process to file a petition with the possibility of immigration reform stalled in the United States Congress, one of the alternatives for thousands of permanent residents or US citizens can help a family member be legalized remains through available legal means.

family member be legalized

Follow these 3 steps to help a family member be legalized

  1. Prepare I-130 form to submit the petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This form is known as a petition for family abroad and helps establish the relationship between you and your family. As a citizen or legal permanent resident, you can help directly only to your spouse, parents, children and siblings to obtain citizenship.
  2. File I-130 Form with required supporting documents. The form requires you to check your relationship to the family and includes identity documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, statements of divorce or other civil document.
  3. Help your family to prepare for the naturalization examination that is given prior to the acquisition of citizenship. As applicant must demonstrate his relative who can read, write and speak English. The family must pass a test of US citizenship, consisting of 10 questions, of which at least six answer must correctly.