Criminal law

Why Certain Canadians Cannot Enter the United States

A key aspect to all nation-states is border security. Each country, even those that have great foreign relations, have laws regarding the movement of people and commerce between their borders. This goes for friendly nations like Canada and the United States. For example, the United States requires certain Canadians to carry with them a US entry waiver in order to enter the country.

US entry waiver

An American waiver allows Canadians with a criminal record to enter the United States. Under current US law, no Canadian with a criminal record can enter into the US unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Even Canadians pardoned for their crimes may be unable to enter the United States if they do not have the waiver.

All US border posts have computer systems that access Canadian criminal databases. By simply typing in the Canadian’s name, US border agents can find out if the Canadian has any criminal record. If any Canadian tries to enter the US without the waiver, they will be denied entry into the country and may have their property confiscated by US border agents.

Canadians with a criminal record need to apply for the waiver directly through the US Department of Homeland Security. There are also reputable firms in Canada that can help a citizen work through the waiver application process.

If any Canadian needs to enter the US, but they have a criminal record, they need a waiver as soon as possible. With the waiver, they can enter the US freely and not have their property confiscated. Working with a pardoning firm or the US Department of Homeland Security is advised.