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What are the tax benefits of domestic partnership

Formally register as domestic partnership is a step that usually gives many couples, either because they want to consolidate their love in some way or by the tax advantages which owns declared as such. If you are considering registering as domestic partnership, and you want to know the tax advantages that it brings, here we explain what it is….

domestic partnership


  • It is important to know, first, the requirements that must be met both parties to register as domestic partnership.

    These are:

    • sharing experiences in the last 12 or 24 months, according to autonomous community.
    • Be of legal age.
    • Be willing to be partner, i.e. single, separated, divorced or widowed.
    • Not having a family relationship.
    • Not be registered as a domestic partnership of another person.
  • The members of the couple can obtain 15-day permit by registering as a couple in fact – as in a marriage – in case this way they are arranged by the collective agreement of the work that they develop or whether they are officials.
  • May obtain survivor’s pension in case of death of any member, whenever there are fulfilled certain minimum requirements, which are:
    • Cohabitation for at least 5 years before the death, demonstrable with the municipal census.
    • They have registered as domestic partners at least two years before death.
  • Subsidies for maternity or paternity contemplated in the right to be exercised by both members of the couple in fact, exactly as in marriage.