Consumer law

Protection of the Lemon Law: What are my rights?

Lemon laws are designed to protect consumers who buy vehicles with known mechanical defects. These codes vary from one state to another. They were established to help protect the consumer against the purchase of a bad product. For an example, we use cars. Lemon laws generally provide consumer protection for owners of new cars, trucks and vans. A significant minority of states also provide leased vehicle coverage.

lemon law

Lemon Law can be applied to all vehicles whether car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat or computer, etc.. If none of these consumer durables is found to be defective then the consumer is entitled to money back, replacement or a cash settlement.

Lemon laws can be challenged by problems including a cabin that repeatedly fails to start, which has brake problems, or who change gears. Normally it must have been repeated unsuccessful efforts to repair the problem of car even before lemon law apply.

Lemon laws also make life easier for the manufacturer because it allows companies to learn from their mistakes, improve the customer service at wigs lace front and have knowledge of all customer problems could have with their cars.