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4 Things That Make a Good DUI Lawyer

It goes without saying that we can all get into trouble from time to time. Unfortunately, this means that there may come a time in your life when you need to find yourself a professional DUI lawyer.

Regardless of the circumstances, everyone deserves to be represented by someone who will take their case seriously and who will do whatever they can to fight their case. If you or someone you know is currently looking for a DUI lawyer, then keep reading to learn helpful tips to guide you along your search for a good DUI lawyer.

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1. A Positive History

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to look at the history of potential lawyers you may want to hire. One key thing to consider is whether they have had many cases moved on to trial.

Most people awaiting a sentence don’t want to go to trial. They would instead like to settle their case quickly to move on with their lives, with the DUI long in the past.

While you don’t want a lawyer to have excessive trial cases, you want to ensure they have plenty of experience with the trial procedure. You also want to be assured that the lawyer will do everything they can to fight for your case if you do make it to trial. You can do this by researching how many wins the lawyer has in the trial court.

Finding a lawyer with few trial cases shows that while they have experience with trial cases, they can also settle before having to go that far.

If you want to move quickly through this strenuous time, then make sure to find a lawyer with a positive history and a few trial cases with high wins. The same is applied to criminal defence lawyer. You need to ensure that the lawyers representing you and providing you with legal advice know the law inside and out.

2. Specialization

You wouldn’t want a pediatrician to perform brain surgery, and you wouldn’t want a family court lawyer to defend you in a DUI case. If you want to be supported by the best person for your DUI case, then you want to find a lawyer with plenty of experience in the field.

Finding a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases would be highly beneficial to your case, so when interviewing potential lawyers, make sure you find out about their specializations.

3. Who Will Be Defending You?

When looking for a good lawyer, you want to believe that your lawyer will do anything it takes to defend you in your case. Because lawyers typically work in firms with many other lawyers, individual case files can be shared between lawyers.

If you want a good lawyer, you want to find someone who will personally work on your case rather than share it with other lawyers. Personal attention is crucial, and the only way to do that is by finding a good lawyer who will defend you to the best of their ability.

4. Get Referrals

If a lawyer has a good history, then there will be plenty of people willing to attest to that fact. When interviewing potential lawyers for your DUI case, ask if they have any referrals that they are eager to share. If they don’t have any referrals, you should move on to the next option.

Final Words

Having to face a judge in a DUI case is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. Whether you’re guilty or innocent, everyone deserves their day in court. If you or someone you love is facing this situation head-on and looking for help, follow this simple advice to find a good lawyer to represent you in your DUI case.