How to deal with workplace harassment

Harassment seems to be an ongoing problem in our every day lives, especially when you are at work. Harassment is behavior or words that are around you that make you feel distressed. This kind of aggravation, it is difficult to do your job and wondering how to deal with it. There are different types of harassment these days, including but not limited to sexual or racial. There are steps to address this failure in life, and these described below.

workplace harassment

  • The first thing to do is to trust your feelings, if you are not comfortable with what is said or done, then it’s more likely to harassment. Focus on actions, and once you reach the conclusion that it is harassment, you need to deal with it. Deal with it is the best solution-problem will not go away if you ignore it. To sweep under the carpet is not the good manner of dealing with dilemma.
  • Once you understand this harassment, you must tell the person what they are doing is unacceptable, and you want them to stop. Usually, this stage is most you have to take the problem which you meet; most do not realize that their actions are a disturbance of you. Once they realize it, they usually stop actions and apologize. By letting them know, you gave them fair warning that if the aggravation does not stop, you’ll take it to another level.
  • If they are not stopped, you must let the others close to you know what is happening. Most of the time, the stalker will do these actions thinking that you won’t tell anyone. Having the encouragement of friends behind you will help you deal with the problem. Keep your mouth closed, in these cases, you are isolated as the victim, and in the long run will keep the continuous harassment.
  • If at that time, the person did not stop the annoying behavior, you need to start documenting provocation. This includes all dates, times, the person doing the harassment, and if possible witnesses who will vouch that it happened. Generally, those who have recurring cases of harassment will not stop what they are doing. Make your case as strong as you are able to do.
  • It is at this point, if the harassment has not stopped, that you must know what your working policies can be towards harassment. At work, policies are generally in the open air with a name and phone number of someone you can call and talk privately. It will be at this instant when you need to contact the appropriate persons and to make your complaint, because without registered complaint, you have nothing to stand on. Make your employer aware of what is happening and to delay them your documents proving your questions.

You have the right to work, you have the right to be able to go out and earn a living, and you have the right not to be harassed over this. Harassment is prohibited by law, and any employer who allows this to happen must be stopped. If you do not feel comfortable to go home to your employer or if he is your employer who harass you, then you will need to take additional steps and contact a lawyer or the company’s offices and make them aware of what is happening.