How to complain about harassment?

Are you victim of harassment? Breaking the cycle times required to bring the facts of harassment to the attention of the justice, to obtain compensation for damages. Here’s how to file a complaint for harassment.


Procedure of filing harassment complaint

You can file a complaint for harassment:

  • Either with the prosecutor;
  • Either a police service.

You can go directly into a police but this approach is not the most appropriate in the context of a complaint for harassment, because the offence is rarely an imminent danger to mobilize the forces of the order.

The complaint with the prosecutor and seems more appropriate. To file a complaint of harassment directly with the prosecutor, you can send a letter on paper to High Court, or place harassment. Your mail must include certain essential to the consideration of your complaint elements:

  • Your full civil status;
  • The detailed account of the events , places and dates of the harassment;
  • The name of the harasser if known (otherwise the complaint will be filed “against X”);
  • The names and names and addresses of any witnesses to the harassment;
  • Description and interim or final estimate of the damage, both physical, moral, caused by the harassment.