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How do I get rid of jury duty?

There are times when you can be called to jury duty, but this may occur at an inopportune moment in your life, where you should not go for it and need a justifiable excuse to get rid of jury duty at any given time. If you’re wondering how I can rid of being jury duty? keep reading.

get rid of jury duty

In any case to request non-attendance as a juror you must provide the summons to attend as a juror, and the proof is of any kind, whether medical, religious or work and go when you are called by the Court and bring you all documentation required to be exempted from jury duty.

Situations in which you can get rid of jury
Know where and when you can get rid of assist as a juror, although it must be said that each case is individual and should be valued to be exonerated not to judgment of competent persons.

In these situations you must contact the coordinator of the jury, if it is the first time they call you to attend jury duty, you can be relieved at that time with little effort, but you will be placed back on the list and you will be called a future.

Medical situations that you rid of being a juror
You must contact your doctor to get a certificate that you are incapable of serving as a juror at the time for health reasons, specifying correctly written the causes of the nature of your illness that keep you going on a jury, even if any, you must record the fact of having a health problem that you will always prevent jury duty.

Labor situations that you avoid going to jury
In the event that the cause to avoid going jury is working, you should ask your employer for a written statement, stating specifically that the absence from work at this time will be a major challenge for the company and specify that your job duties may not be adequately performed by another person.

Family situations that will not have to go as a jury
If you have a child with special needs, or other immediate family member who can not fend for themselves and need your help, you must present evidence that the care needs of the people, can not adequately fulfilled in your absence.

Religious situations
Need to inform the Court whether there is a legitimate religious reason you prevent serve as a juror in a trial, either at a particular time, such as a religious festival, inability to serve as a juror at any time that your religion is opposed to participation of their vimineous in this type of services.

Students who get rid of as a juror
You must inform that you are a student and given your academic commitments prevent you from jury duty at the time, explaining to the Court that it would have a negative impact on your studies, but you do not mind and be willing to partner as a member of a jury during school holidays.