Types of lawyers

Finding the Right Lawyer

Having the right lawyer to help fight your case could be the difference between winning and losing that case. You want someone who cares about you, will fight for you in court and is determined to win your case no matter what it takes.

find right lawyer

Find a Lawyer Who Knows the Law
The most important part about finding a lawyer is finding someone who specializes in the type of case that you are facing. You don’t want someone to fight a DUI case who has never dealt with traffic law in the past. If you are fighting a child custody ruling, you want a lawyer who is experienced in family law and can develop a defense that will help you win custody of your children. A lawyer who is unfamiliar with the law in your case could be seen as an unprofessional by the judge. This will hurt your chances of winning.

Find Someone Who Will Fight for You
Having a lawyer on your team who is only interested in collecting a paycheck is not someone you want representing you. While there is nothing wrong with an attorney who charges what he or she is worth, it is important that your legal counsel spends time researching the facts in your case and developing strategies that will help you win. Otherwise, you are just wasting money as well as time.

Find an Attorney Who Wants to Win
There are many cases where it may be easier to settle instead of fighting for the clean win. While you may eventually decide that you want to settle your case instead of continuing to fight it, that should be your decision and your decision alone. Unless you tell your lawyer to settle, you should only keep that lawyer on your team if he or she is committed to winning the case regardless of the odds.

Finding a lawyer is not an easy process. With so many different options, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure who to choose.