Labour law

Daily allowances for illness

If you are employed and have a work stoppage of less than six months, you are entitled to daily allowances under certain conditions.

daily allowances for illness

Conditions for receiving daily allowances
Daily allowances are paid to compensate lost wages during your absence from work if you meet the following conditions:

  • You must have worked at least 200 hours during the three months before the work stoppage;
  • Or have contributed on a salary at least equal to 1015 times the sum of guaranteed minimum wage per hour during the six months preceding the stop.

These conditions apply for less than 6 months stops.

Amount of the daily allowances
Daily allowances amounted to 50% of the amount of the basic daily wage. It is calculated on the average of the gross wages of the 3 months preceding the work stoppage.

This amount can be increased for those with at least 3 dependent children, effective from the 31st day of continuous work stoppage. The amount of compensation is equal to 66.66% of basic daily salary.