Bad Road Surfaces Contribute To Road Accidents

Drivers have a responsibility on the roads to make sure that they don’t drive recklessly and make sure that they don’t cause accidents. However, bad road surfaces leave the drivers impaired and there is little that they can do on this poor state of the roads. A driver is responsible when he/she is not using a mobile phone, eating, or driving while drunk, however, upon coming across an oil spillage or some ice on the road, he or she may end up causing an accident and he/she cannot control the following.

road accidents

Weather conditions
Weather changes the conditions of the roads making the road to be unfavorable for driving. It is true that the weather contributes to a number of road accidents. In case there is winter, it becomes one of the most dangerous times to drive and it is well known that there are many car crashes during January in the UK as compared to any other month. This is because of the icy condition that makes the drivers to stumble on ice. In case there is snow and ice, there are more chances that accidents may happen as the road even becomes more slippery and the ice might form any time without expectation. There are times that the roads are completely covered by the ice and this means numerous car accidents.

Black ice is invisible when on the road surface and this means that there is a less chance for the driver to spot the hazard until his or her car starts to slide out of control. As the name implies, the invisibility of this ice has been a major cause of many accidents and drivers should be aware of this as it has caused many accidents due to the potential to make the road slippery.

Torrential rains also make the road to become slippery as wet roads are not easy for one to control a car. It’s easy for the water to flood your car engine and leave you stranded in flooded water. This may cause crash by other vehicles. Thus it is very crucial to avoid driving in weather conditions that are extreme as they change the roughness of the road.

Obstacles on the road
The surface of the road is changed by such conditions like extreme wind that may cause tree branches and even tress to fall on the road. They can sometimes not be visible and sometimes in case one sees them, it is already too late. These are potential cause of car accidents as they puncture the tires and they cause further damage to the car wheels. Sometimes a driver even tries to swerve the car off such surfaces and ends up in another crash.

Oil or fuel spillage
In case there is an oil spillage on the road, this causes the road to be slippery. There are those fuel tankers that do not have good fitting fuel caps and they are the main causes of fuel spillage. In such surfaces, a driver stumbles in them unaware and at a higher speed. In such conditions, it is completely difficult to take control of the car.