Since 1784, the justice system and crime analysis has made drastic changes in a superior way. Especially in the present day, with forensic and DNA testing, we are able to look into the past and close many cold cases. By getting a criminal justice degree you will learn not only the fundamentals of the criminal justice system, but you will understand the history behind it and how it has affected crime analysis.

crime analysis

Starting in 1784, the American judicial system took its first case that supplied physical evidence. This was a huge step forward, as now you had to supply physical proof that the suspect committed the crime. Moving on to 1832, the first attempt at showing forensic evidence was introduced.

Even though, as you will see below, the forensic test failed, it helped push forward the future development of forensic testing. In the 20th century, many important changes occurred, including the establishment of the Miranda Rights. These are read to every suspect when they are arrested informing them of their rights and advising them that they will be provided legal counsel.

These are just a few of the six influential cases mentioned below that paved the way for the modern American judicial system. Many of these cases preserve basic human rights for Americans and protect them legally. As we move on into the future, we will learn more about our legal system and how to improve it. With hundreds of new cases every day, there will be many more controversial problems that future lawyers and crime analysts will have to solve. Check this infographic for details:

crime analysis infographic